Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me


“Fall into the moods, fall into the kookiness and the wackiness. This is the best movie ever set in a grungy trailer park.” Jeffrey Lyons – SNEAK PREVIEWS

“An offbeat comedy that seduces, amuses and offends… HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, might just send you off to the fall movie season with a smile on your face.” John Petrakis – CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“Altogether outrageous and illogically endearing… ‘HOLD ME’ will remind some observers of the work of John Waters, but there’s a crucial difference. Waters often condescends to his characters… but Joel Hershman generates genuine affection for his earthy eccentrics who populate his world. There’s also an all-but-irresistible romanticism at work here that eventually overwhelms all the deliberately grotesque touches.” Michael Medved – THE NEW YORK POST

“Funky, extremely entertaining comedy.” Leonard Maltin – MOVIE & VIDEO GUIDE

“Joel Hershman’s work has an identity all its own. A near-perfect alternative comedy in terms of writing and performances… The lines are witty and fast… Hershman’s script is definitely not the work of a slacker.” Kristin Taylor – ENTERTAINMENT TODAY

“A grungy hoot!” Jerry Roberts – SANTA MONICA OUTLOOK

“In an encouraging feature debut, director Joel Hershman proves to be a good storyteller, capable of creating distinctive characters and catching them up in an ingenious plot… Breezy and fast-paced.” Kevin Thomas – THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Ribald, sleazy, touching, hilarious, off-kilter, campy, low-rent, sexy, sardonic.” Devon Jackson – DETAILS

“A nice calling card for Hershman… It offers more interesting characters, and certainly more laughs, than most other comedies coming from the major studios these days.” Jack Mathews – NEW YORK NEWSDAY

“The funniest film of the summer.” Robert Ellsworth – DETOUR MAGAZINE

“Joel Hershman successfully manages to turn out a hilariously trashy, raunchy, dark, and thoroughly entertaining film that is uniquely his own… His wonderfully wacky story in combination with a terrific, top-notch cast easily render credible, slice-of-life images of life in the lower-class lane.” Pamela Bruce – THE AUSTIN CHRONICAL

“A gonzo farce that scores its fair share of laughs… HOLD ME certainly succeeds in distinguishing itself from the summer pack.” Yardena Arar – THE DAILY NEWS

“Finally the director America’s been waiting for! Joel Hershman has written and directed a wild, black comedy of kitsch… A highly original film.” Robert Franklin – VENICE MAGAZINE

“Thumbs up… A Charming hiphop tale.” Rob Lurie – LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE

“A refreshingly original comedy that is both sadistic and romantic. What makes ‘HOLD ME’ so enjoyable is Hershman’s seamless combination of the screwy and the obscene creating a fresh, irreverent feel that keeps you laughing all the way up to the final scene… A great movie!” Colburn Tseng – SUMMER BRUIN

“Hershman is an auteur to be followed.” Christian-Marc Bosseno – CAHIERS DU CINEMA

“This original creation bodes well for first-time helmer Joel Hershman’s future. Characters pursue their desires in a series of truly hilarious scenes, with each part played to the max for optimum return.” – VARIETY

“Wickedly entertaining.” – PREMIERE

“The only other mainstream picture with something to say… and which manage to do it wituout inducing sleep, are brash independents like HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME.” John Anderson – NEWSDAY

“The ‘Citizen Kane’ of trailer park movies. The film is really inventive… Joel Hershman is a talent to watch.” Michael Medved – SNEAK PREVIEWS

“Hysterical feature debut.” Kendall Cronstrom – INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

“Totally wacky.” – EMPIRE

“This film is bloody funny.” – LOADED